{Guest Post} How Babywearing changed my life!

When my daughter was born my husband worked away from home (and still does). He was able to take almost a month off for her birth but reality set in when he went away for that first week. We don’t know many people in Lethbridge and our family is also far away. So I felt alone.

Because my daughter didn’t like to be put down, I felt trapped in the house. I had a ring sling but I was intimidated by it and didn’t know how to use it. And don’t even get me started on the Moby wrap. Talk about scary!
I was determined to regain some semblance of a social life and some small handle on my housework so I got to work looking at YouTube videos explaining baby wearing. I soon mastered the ring sling and it transformed my life! I could clean my house, shop and visit with friends, all without neglecting my daughter. In fact, it helped me to bond with her and to become more responsive to her needs as I was so close that I could read her cues very well.
I never did master the Moby (I guess wraps will have to wait) and while we have graduated from the ring sling, I am a proud owner of a Babyhawk and Beco Butterfly. I never leave the house without my Beco! I don’t like lugging around a stroller which doesn’t always fit well in stores. And my Babyhawk is my around-the-house carrier for getting housework done. I am constantly getting compliments on how I manage to keep my house looking clean and get all of my errands done, all while my husband is at work. And the truth is that it’s all thanks to baby wearing. My mom even wears her in the mei tai when she watches her – it’s infectious!
I’m sorry that was so long-winded. But it really is how I feel. I couldn’t imagine not wearing my daughter and what my life would look like.
Kris Lea