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We are so glad you have found our website. We created this group with the hopes of teaching other parents and caregivers how to carry their babies & toddlers while still having their hands free.  At the time of this groups creation, “babywearing” was still very rare in these parts and finding a carrier that could be tried before buying was virtually impossible.  Over the past 5+ years we have watched this group grow in to something that we never could have forseen, a bustling group of over 145 fantastic women who love to wear their babies or want to learn to wear their babies!  We have spent the past 5+ years spreading the babywearing love based on the belief that using soft carriers and practicing “Babywearing,” allows for continuous bonding, discreet breastfeeding, and happy babies!

Hi!  I am Tanya.  I am mama to 7 children, ages 1 to 15 years with our 8th baby due summer 2013.  Babywearing has become a passion for me in the past 5 1/2 years.  I did have a Baby Bjorn carrier that I used with my 2nd baby but all of my others didn’t like it.  I decided to look for a ring sling during my 5th pregnancy as I knew a friend who had used one.

It all started there!  I now own several different styles of carriers and have loved the benefits of bonding and, most of all, having hands free to help my other children.  Babywearing has allowed me to spend as much time as I want snuggling my baby and get everything done that needs to be in the course of a day.  I wish I had known about Babywearing with my other children!  From that I wanted to share with other moms how wearing their baby can benefit them!  We have been running the babywearing group for the past 5 1/2 years as well as teaching babywearing workshops for those interested.


Hi! I’m Rosina. I am mom to 3 munchkins ages 5, 4, and almost 11 months (my june baby!) and a Certified Doula through DONA.
Babywearing started for me with the birth of my oldest, he was a rather fussy baby.
I started out with an old school snuggli that happened to be the same carrier my mom used
with me when I was a baby. Seriously! she kept it. I hate that thing, it was so uncomfortable lol!
So I happened across a stretchy wrap from a local mama and dove into wearing my son full time from 4 months.
I had met Andrea through cloth diapering and she introduced me to the world of woven wraps!
I blame her for my current addiction to carriers (Thanks Andrea!). Once I learned about it my passion for babywearing just
kept growing. I currently own a rather large assortment of carriers and I’ve been wearing my own babies for over 5 years now.

I love it because it gives me the ability to be hands free and bond with my babies.
It has also been a blessing with my oldest as he was diagnosed with Autism. I have to
say that babywearing allowed me to keep up with him, keep him safe and secure and help
with protect him from overstimulation at times. My youngest has been worn since about 6 hours after
he was born. I brought a wrap to the hospital so that we could walk around as soon as I was up to it.

I guess I am a bit of an advocate for babywearing and all it’s amazing benefits.
And I love all things birthy and baby realted! It really is one of my main passions

Our beloved Founding Co-Leader, now moved 😦

Random Feb to Aug 09 133

Hello!  My name is Andrea.  I have 4 children ranging in ages from 4.5 to 12 years old.  I have been babywearing since my third child about 6.5 years ago, although I did use a Theodore Bean carrier with my first 2 I don’t really count it, lol.

I am a work at home mom taking care of my 4 littles.  I found myself hopelessly addicted to babywearing and all it entails, and therefore have acquired quite the “collection”.  I am a certified birth doula with DONA and a babywearing educator.  I am an advocate for babywearing as I have witnessed the benefits that come from it, including a happy content baby, which in turn makes a happy and content mama.

To put it straight to the point I guess I am a breastfeedin’, babywearin’, cloth diaperin’, co-sleepin’, home waterbirthin’, lovin’ mama.

Contact us with any questions at:  bridgecityslingers@gmail.com


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Romina, I work at Family Centre (Lethbridge) as a Early Childhood Educator. We have a group a moms in one of our programs that are interesting about wraps and variety and do a demostration with the slingers. I would like to know if you can come to our facility and talk about it.

    The group of moms and us we will really appreciate!



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