Fashion Show Awesomeness

Today I had a table at our local Welcome Wagon show.  SO much fun!  

I just love sharing the babywearing love.  Six other moms from our group came out and helped by modelling for a “Babywearing Fashion Show.”  It was great, all the babies were so sweet, a little 13 mth old girl even slept through the whole things snuggled with her mama in her Ergo.  Love that!

I brought my 20 mth old and she even took an hour and half nap wrapped on my back in our Girasol.  Pretty good for a girl who’s been on a “wrapping strike” for a while.  Hooray!  I’l have to upload a pic from my phone.

I had a table set up with demo carriers and information.  The table was busy most of the time and I had the chance to talk to a lot of mamas and answer their questions.  I hope to see some more new faces at our next meeting. 

A great day spent sharing one of my favourite things about parenting 🙂



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