Still at it

I check back on our highly neglected blog every once in a while, and today I got sad at how long it has been between posts.  I also checked the stats and see that people are still reading this blog, so here I am.  {this is me making an effort}  😉

The Lethbridge Babywearing group is still the thriving group it has always been, with a little less meetings though this year.  However, when we do have the meetings (ends up being every 2 months roughly), there is a great turnout and we have a fabulous time!  Over the past 5 years we have seen many many moms grow (figuratively and literally) through pregnancy, birth, and parenting.  Many of the moms we met during our first few months of “Bridge City Slingers” were pregnant then, and we have witness beautiful mothers flourish and move on to be 2nd time and even 3rd time parents.  This is a joy I can’t really explain, being a witness to so many experiences makes me warm on the inside.

Things have changed in the Johnson (me) and Lister (other co-leader) households since our last post.  I am still a mother of 4, although I secretly (okay, not so secretly) would like more.  I still teach babywearing, still run EcoBaby, and I babywear other people’s babies whenever I can.  And Tanya is a mama of 7…. WOAH!  Yep, it’s a true story, our Tanya is an amazing mama to 7 wonderful bambinos.  And now she even has the kids babywearing the other kids!!  *I will upload a pic when I have a chance*  Basically, we are both still hopelessly dedicated to spreading the babywearing love in all ways possible.  Our meetings have taken on a casual spin, which we are embracing and truly enjoy.  The meetings are about connecting with other moms who love to babywear, they are about moms helping moms, getting to play with every carrier you can imagine (except an amauti, but we’re working on it)…. and all the while having a couple babywearing educators there to assist and answer any questions you may have.  ❤

We are really looking forward to the summer months, when we can move our babywearing meetings outdoors to a park and generally just have more time to be with our babies, our older kids, and all of you.  Until then, look for postings of babywearing meetings!

Also, EcoBaby Canada is hosting an educational babywearing workshop happening on April 7th (it will be Tanya and myself teaching, but in a more formal atmosphere).  You can find info here.

And lastly, if you are not part of the Bridge City Slingers facebook group, head on over, sadly, it is a little more exciting there than our blog (blog neglect guilt kicking in).  Haha, we are working to change that though!!  xoxo

Here’s a little article to keep you thinking… Why we don’t wear our babes forward facing

Cheers!  xoxo


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