Babywearing in the summer months

Our July meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning at Gyro park.  We will be keeping the meetings going throughout the summer and will be meeting at parks, unless bad weather warrants an indoor location.

A common theme during the warmer months is temperature and babywearing.  Many moms find it very warm to wear a baby in June, July and August, but we have tips for you!  There are specific carriers that you can use during the warmer months to keep you cool (or at least cooler).  For instance, if you’re a wrapper, there are lighter weave wraps that allow more air to pass through and that are quite thin.  There are also water carriers that allow you to wear your baby while in the water with your older children. 

Another aspect of cooler babywearing is what carry you do.  Getting baby or toddler on your back will cool you down, just remember to apply sun block, have a sleeping hood or a nice floppy hat.

Happy summer babywearing and we hope to see you at the meetings!  Please feel free to post comments and any questions you have.  You can also contact us at


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